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Yakima County WA.



This is the starting point for Washington State consumers of mental health counseling, marriage and family therapy, chemical dependency counseling services and for the mental health professionals in these fields.

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For the Public / Consumer
counseling services and information

For Counselors / Therapists
services and information for counselors

Table of Contents for
the Public or Consumer

Counseling and resources for mental health consumers throughout Washington State.  Additional counties and cities are added as counselors in those areas list the availability of their services to the public.

Find a counselor, therapist, psychotherapist or social worker in the greater Washington State area.  Counselor listings by name, city and specialty.

Find a counselor who is fluent in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), Danish, French, German, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Punjabi, Russian, Singhalese, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss German, Tamil, Turkish, Ukrainian, or signs American Sign Language.

Find a therapy group:  clients or therapists looking for group therapy / therapy groups--if they are advertised, you will find them listed here.  Listings accepted from counselors all around Washington State. 

Support Group Directory for persons in recovery or for their families and friends.  [There is a support group for just about everyone and every condition.]

What do the initials mean?  A "Dictionary of Initials, Acronyms and Abbreviations Used by Counselors and Social Workers" (including these strange initials counselors write after their names). 

Services for persons with disabilities Employment, Legal Rights and Other Resources

Consumers, clients or public questions about counseling and related issues: how to choose a counselor, how to file a complaint, what's the difference between a counselor, a therapist and a psychotherapist? Ask your question.

Articles written for ADD/ADHD, Adult ADD, Best Known Therapists? Cocaine's effects, When your friend is using cocaine, Complex Trauma, Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving and DUI, Eating disorders & weight management, EMDR, Ethics, Counselor Acronyms, Feedback letters from viewers, Forensic Assessments and Psychological Evaluations, Motherless Daughters, Naturopathy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD, Premarital Counseling, Sex Offender Treatment Programs in Washington State, the WAC--Counselor record keeping and mandatory reporting (and more).

One Point Snacks: for the weight watching public, products that fall in the 1, 2, 3, or 4 point category.

illegal Drugs-- How they affect the body and the brain.  Also, information on nicotine, alcohol and drunk driving & DUI charges.  How drug court works to help addicts get clean.

Health and mental health resources by category

Health & Mental Health Alerts, Warnings & Safeguards-- discussion of a number of issues  that have made the news during the past year.


Table of Contents

Counselor - therapist resources for all 39 counties in Washington State.  If your city or county is not listed on this site, it is only because we are waiting for you to list your counseling private practice.

Webmaster, Floyd Else, MA, LMHC, NCC      


Do you need help with administrative functions of your counseling private practice?
These are not ads.  They are recommendations from other counselors in the counseling community-- Therapy Village: The Counselor's Virtual Resource Page

Licensing & Related Questions Commonly Asked By Counselors: Counseling and related issues--transferring to Washington State from another state, counselor registration, counselor licensure, types of licenses in Washington State, how to become a counselor, finding counselor supervision for licensure

As a public service, offers the following
Listings on special pages  for the counselors, therapists, or psychologists who are located in any of the counties in and around the State of Washington  who are also:

Fluent in ASL or a foreign language (languages other than English)

A Washington State Approved Supervisor who is available to provide paid clinical supervision for private practice counselors working toward licensure[ See:WAC 246-809-334 ]  [ This supervisor's listing is available for approved supervisors in any of the 39 counties in the state of Washington. ]

An approved Washington State Crime Victim Compensation Program CVCP mental health provider.

List your counselors case consultation Peer Group.

The find-a-counselor locator service -- Helps clients throughout Washington State to find their counselor (you).  If your area is not represented, it is only because you have not yet logged-in to request service.  (see below).

Advertise your private practice --The most effective and inexpensive way to publicize your practice and increase referrals.

Find a therapy group:  clients or therapists looking for group therapy / therapy groups--if they are advertised, you will find them listed here.  Listings accepted from counselors all around Washington State. 

Advertise Your Therapy Group -- If a potential client searches for your therapy group, will they find your group listing?  Inexpensive and effective therapy group ads around Washington State.

Find counseling office space:
Are you looking for full or part-time office space anywhere in the State of Washington? 

Why Advertise office space for rent --There is no better place to advertise full or part time counseling office space that you wish to rent.  List your available office or group room space in any of the 39 counties of Washington State.

Find a counselor-training workshop:  --Mental Health Counselor, chemical dependency counselor, marriage and family therapist or social worker--all are required to keep their skills current by participating in continuing education classes and workshops to get their "CEU's" (continuing education units) each year.  Counselors, therapists, social workers who need their annual CEUs, can consult the Workshop Calendar for local greater Seattle area workshop presentations. 

Advertise your workshop or training --The most effective and inexpensive way to publicize your local training and increase attendance.

Employment Opportunities:
Therapist - Counselor Jobs throughout Washington State.

Advertise your Therapist - Counselor Related Jobs here

Government Web Sites
Helpful web links for Health Care Providers: Seattle, King County, Washington State, and national US Government Agencies offering information and assistance on a great variety of health, mental health and addiction problems and issues.

Link directory to local, Washington State, and national
Professional Counseling Organizations
and related organizations in health, mental health and chemical dependency.


Counselors who serve in the cities and towns of the 39 counties in Washington State: Whether you go by the title of psychologist, mental health counselor, addictions or chemical dependency counselor, marriage and family counselor, therapist, psychotherapist, or social worker, advertise your therapy group on the group therapy page, your counselor workshop on the continuing education calendar, or your mental health counseling private practice in the counselor - therapist locator.  For more information see the advertising information page.

Counseling Washington works with licensed counselors, therapists, psychologists and social workers who are most often members of one or more professional organizations such as the Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the Washington Counseling Association, the Washington Mental Health Counselors Association, the Washington State Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, the Washington State Psychological Association, or the Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work.

A special welcome to the counsellor who is counselling in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Your professional organizations, initials and acronyms are welcome on these pages.   (And those folks who mis-spell it as councelor, counceling or councelling are welcome here too.)

If you find a typo or a link that points nowhere (or to the wrong place), please tell us about it.  We are happy to receive feedback, and grateful for the time you take to let us know.

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Counselors and Social Workers:  This site serves mental health, marriage and family and addiction counseling needs throughout Washington State.  If your city or county is not listed yet, sign up and we will create the page especially for you.  Get outstanding results inexpensively.

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