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Counselors and Therapists
, Washington
WA 98027

Licensed Mental Health Counselor,
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
or Licensed Psychologist

photo of counselor therapist Sheryl R. Brown of Issaquah WA 98027-0105Sunray Counseling
Sheryl R. Brown, MA, LMFT 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(425) 652-1413
PO Box 2333, 22525 SE 64th Place, Issaquah, WA 98027-0105
Niche Specialty©: Couple or Marriage Counselor. If you're tired of the same old argument and need help breaking out of old patterns, call me at 425 652-1413 to set up an appointment for couples counseling. You may be married or not, I can help.
Location: Meadow Creek Professional Center, close to I-90 in Issaquah
General Practice Area: Relationship problems, women's issues, couples counseling, marriage counseling, depression counseling, anxiety counseling, low self-esteem, grief and loss counseling. Sensitive to cross-cultural diversity.
[ Email Sheryl R. Brown ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

Peggy FlanaganMSW, LICSW  
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
(425) 941-3736
310 - 3rd Ave. NE, Suite #101, Issaquah, WA 98027-3345
Niche Specialty©: Depression. Women's great depression--counseling for clinical depression & post-partum depression.
Location: two blocks east of Virginia Mason's Issaquah Clinic.
General Practice Area: Issues around pregnancy, pregnancy loss, menopause, post partum depression, marriage counseling, relationship problems, family issues, separation & divorce counseling, anxiety counseling, depression counseling, career issues, and mid-life transitions.
[ Email Peggy Flanagan ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Suzi Mohn of Issaquah WA 98027-2940New Beginnings Counseling
Suzi Mohn MA  LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(425) 941-6260
300 NE Gilman BLVD, Suite #300, Issaquah, WA 98027-2940
Niche Specialty©: Infertility / pregnancy problems. Infertility and related issues: IVF, pregnancy loss, high-risk pregnancies, premature/multiple births, prenatal and postpartum depression, adoption, grief and loss.
Location: Issaquah
General Practice Area: I work with individuals, couples and families who want to improve their relationships -- whether they are in need of general communication and conflict resolution or if they are struggling with a crisis in their relationship. I specialize in the areas of infertility and pregnancy loss, infidelity, divorce and divorce recovery, blended families, step-parenting, and emotional abuse. In addition, I work with couples and individuals who are dealing with high-risk pregnancies, including premature births, multiple births and prenatal and post-partum depression. I also work with men and women who are dealing with major life transitions, depression and anxiety, family issues, communication, and self-esteem issues. I counsel children and adolescents around issues related to family interactions, divorce adjustment, blended families, peer pressure, self-esteem, boundaries and dating safety. I offer support groups related to infertility, as well as divorce recovery. I am happy to provide a phone consultation at no charge.[ Email Suzi Mohn ]

photo of counselor therapist Cathryn McRuer-Wong of Issaquah WA 98027Healing Change Counseling
Cathryn McRuer-Wong, M.A.LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(425) 283-7308
310 3rd Ave NE, Suite #114, Issaquah, WA 98027
Niche Specialty©: Trauma --emotional or physical. Working with people who have experienced severe trauma from natural disasters, war, accidents, assaults, injuries; physical, sexual, emotional abuse,infidelity and also with those who are feeling overwhelmed with life's daily stressors and lack effective ways of coping and finding a sense of balance and peace.
Location: My office is north east of the Front Street and Gilman Blvd intersection. It's just past Boehm's Candies.
General Practice Area: General Practice Area: I enjoy working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. I have successfully helped people who have experienced severe trauma and suffer from Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome. I am Certified in EMDR therapy and work with clients using hypnotherapy, ACT and Cognitive Therapies. I also assist people who need help coping with the daily stressors of life and life changes. I provide stress management counseling, anxiety counseling, depression counseling, grief and loss counseling, couples and marriage counseling (communication, resolving conflict, infidelity, and increased intimacy)using the Gottman Method, and counseling for relationship problems, low self esteem, and adjustment to life changes and transitions. I work with families to overcome parenting challenges, sibling rivalry, balancing work/chores with fun activities, and overall improvement of family life. I help teens and children to build on strengths and develop new coping skills. I use stress management, EMDR, hypnotherapy, and other mind-body techniques in my approach. My approach is tailored to help you move towards healthy choices, growth, and happiness in your life. [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

Wise Heart Center
Marianne Goble M.A.   LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(425) 241-4164
Issaquah, WA 98027
Niche Specialty©: Adult-Child / Survivors of Dysfunctional Families. The relationship between parent/child or parent/caregiver can have a profound effect on individuals for a lifetime and often shows up in how we do relationships with others on all levels: friends, colleagues, romantic partnerships, and then usually trickles down to the next child if survivors of dysfunctional families choose to have children of their own prior to doing their own work. It is indeed a complex process and capable of presenting many challenges that may be difficult to interpret. These challenges can also represent strong opportunities for growth depending on how they are perceived by both the parent and the child/adolescent. However, you must do the work if you wish to experience the healing. Healing contains an element of freedom. The freedom to understand your experiences and how they have impacted you rather than being trapped in the spinning mind of traumatic memory and all of its manifestation. By understanding your experiences, one's outer world becomes a place where you can create a different perspective that allows for powerful change. If you are experiencing relationship difficulties or just want to learn new and effective relational skills, I can help. Aside from relational therapy, I also work directly with children/adolescents who are experiencing transitional difficulties, depression, anger, self harming tendencies, suicidal thinking, and eating disorders. I also work with adolescents who are questioning their sexual orientation or other identity related issues.
General Practice Area: I provide therapy services for children, adolescents, adults, and couples. I also provide relational therapy for parent/child/adolescent dyads. My therapeutic approach is mindfulness based in that I believe self awareness holds the key to working through life's struggles. It acts as the lantern to light the path so we can take the steps toward living life fully and with meaning. I also use a blend of psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral approaches to inform me in assisting you to discover and make the changes that you would like to experience. I believe psychotherapy is an important tool in helping people discover their own ability to heal, to move through and beyond even the deepest hurt, while learning and taking from it the strength and wisdom to become all that you wish to be. My goal is to provide a safe, warm, and non-judgmental environment that allows you to express and explore all that you need to, in finding your way to wholeness. Aside from relational therapy, I also provide assistance for grief and loss; life transitions; issues specific to couples such as relational, infidelity, or transitions; and traumatic stress/memory. I hold a M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University Seattle and am licensed in the State of Washington as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I hold a B.S. in Education and have several years as a professional educator. My therapy office locations are in Issaquah, Enumclaw, and Buckley all very convenient, close to downtown areas and all with free parking. I offer convenient hours including evenings and weekends. If you are considering therapy for yourself or a loved one, please feel to contact me with any questions you may have[ Email Marianne Goble ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Beverly Reimers of Issaquah WA 98027Beverly Reimers, M.A.,  LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 898-8659
1595 NW Gilman Blvd., Suite #205, Issaquah, WA 98027
Niche Specialty©: Mental Health (chronic disorders). My specialties are helping those who have experienced events that can cause trauma; auto accidents, violent crimes, natural disasters, chronic abuse, and wars. Sometimes people develop PTSD as a result. My specialty also includes those who suffer with anxiety, depresion, pain and anger issues. My therapeutic approach is developed from evidence-based theories and techniques using Cognitve Behavioral Therapy.
General Practice Area: My name is Beverly Reimers. I am a compassionate, energetic and dedicated Licensed Mental Health Counselor able to work effectively with a diverse, multicultural client base to facilitate positive change. I specialize in individual therapy. I work with clients who are dealing with truama, post-truamatic disorder, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder. I counsel clients with co-occuring disorders stemming from addiction issues with a focus on supporting hope, recovery and resilience. I provide therapy for clients who are suffering life transition issues. I am an interactive, solution-focused therapist with a therapeutic approach that provides support and feedback to help clients effectively address life challenges. I have proven ability to build instant rapport with cients enabling development of productive therapeutic relationships. I integrate complementary methodologies and techniques such as humanistic, strength-based and cognitive behavioral therapy that is tailored to each client. I work with compassion and understanding as I focus on helping individuals build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing. [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Jason Groepper of Issaquah WA 90827Jason Groepper, M.S.,  LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(206) 331-0280
55 1st Place NW, Issaquah, WA 90827
Location: Downtown Issaquah near the public library.
General Practice Area: Do you feel like you and your spouse are drifting apart? Are your children acting out and you don't know how to help them? There is hope! We are all made to have meaningful relationships in our lives. When problems arise, they are often due to issues within our closest interpersonal relationships. I work to impact these significant relationships to help my clients get more joy and satisfaction out of their lives. I work with couples experiencing relationship distress, families recovering from a divorce/separation and parents struggling to raise their children to their fullest potential. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and enjoy working with families, couples and individuals. I also have experience working with issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, improving communication and coping with loss and trauma. I have additional training as an Apple Parenting Instructor, in Parent Child Interaction Training (PCIT) and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).[ Email Jason Groepper ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Rick Monce of Issaquah WA 98027Rick MonceMA, LMFTA  
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate
(206) 428-1955
300 NE Gilman Blvd., Suite #300, Issaquah, WA 98027
Niche Specialty©: Adolescents and teenagers
General Practice Area: I enjoy helping clients empower themselves by expanding emotional flexibility, building positive communication patterns, and contradicting negative self-concepts and feelings of isolation. My specializations include, but are not limited to: Adolescents and teens, families in transition, grief and loss, and trauma and sexual abuse. I recognize that individuals and families seek counseling for a variety of different reasons, which is why my primary objective is to clarify each client's personal goals and expectations. As your therapist, I aim to provide a safe, confidential setting for trust to develop, and in the process of therapy, I utilize professional judgment to assess, support, and advocate on behalf of your targeted goals and intentions for counseling.
[ Email Rick Monce ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist David Paul Eck of North Bend WA 98045David Paul EckMA, LMHC  
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(425) 888-1457
46302 SE Mount Si Road, North Bend, WA 98045
General Practice Area: For 20 years I have counseled adults and couples who became depressed, anxious or insecure with life's challenges, while others struggled in a relationship or the responsibilities of parenting. Some hurt from a difficult loss or transition that overwhelmed them with uncertainty. And some clients arrived without difficulties, wondering if there is yet more to their existence. With every person, I have been honored and humbled to be of help. My practice allows me to give focused attention to the needs of each client. My office in North Bend provides privacy and solitude perfect for the work of self-reflection and renewal. I am a compassionate listener yet also recognize that change requires a measured degree of challenge and ultimately concrete action. I am engaging, proactive and creative, always looking for solutions tailored to my client's personal needs. I use whatever methods and techniques help my clients. Some therapy approaches work better for one person than another, others are effective early in therapy but later yield to a fresh approach. And some therapies just work better than others in situations such as depression or anxiety. Among the approaches in my toolbox are Cognitive Therapy, Psychodynamic and Jungian.
I offer a 20-minute session at no charge to see if we might work well together. I also accept insurance as an out-of-network provider. You are welcome to contact me or learn more at my website.
[ Email David Paul Eck ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Jennifer Kijanka of Issaquah WA 98027

Therapy Northwest, PLLC
Jennifer Kijanka, M.A.,  LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(425) 449-3466
310 Third Avenue NE, Suite #124, Issaquah, WA 98027
Niche Specialty©: Women's Issues. Angry, frustrated, sad, depressed and/or anxious women seeking to bring more peacefulness and happiness into their lives.
Location: Right off I-90 Front Street Exit and Gillman (near the Virginia Mason Issaquah Clinic and Boehm's Candies).
General Practice Area: I believe that positive change occurs when we understand and release old thoughts and behaviors no longer serving us. When we grieve past hurts, shine the light on our fears, shed old limiting beliefs, and relearn healthy ways of thinking and behaving we experience greater fulfillment in the world and in our relationships. I work with adults, teens, families and couples. I am trained in many approaches and tailor your treatment to your particular needs. In the past I have helped people recover from issues like; trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, difficult relationships, family changes, life transitions, job changes, sexual/physical/emotional abuse, low self-esteem, behavior problems, infertitity stress, and parenting concerns. Together we can work towards creating the positive changes you seek.[ Email Jennifer Kijanka ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Phyllis Bookbinder of Issaquah WA 98029Phyllis Bookbinder Counseling Center
Phyllis Bookbinder, M.A.,  LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(425) 394-3894
23918 SE 41st St, Issaquah, WA 98029
Location: In Sammamish Highlands off of Issaquah/ Pine Lake RD
General Practice Area: Do you wish you were happier. I can help you with depression, anxiety, grief and loss. Recovering from divorce, relationship struggles and parenting challenges. Living in the past hurts, let's work together so you can create your best life. I'm trained in EMDR, NLP and Hypnosis and many others ways to help you. Come meet me for your first intro session free.[ Email Phyllis Bookbinder ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

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With the counselor locator service, counselors can be located by name, geographic area, or specialty.  The counseling specialty areas include: addictions, anxiety and worry, children and adolescents, child and teen mental health, communication, couples counseling, marriage counseling, creativity problems, depression, divorce, family, gays, lesbians & transsexuals, health problems, hypnotherapy & hypnosis, men's issues, mental health (chronic problems), money, work & career, relationships, sexual issues, transitions (life changes), trauma (when awful things happen), women's issues, and other issues (problems not covered elsewhere), and well as group therapy under the heading Therapy Groups.

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