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Finding a Counselor or Therapist
by Niche Specialty

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  Abortion: (Post-Abortion Counseling)
  Abuse (verbal or psychological)

  Addictions of all kinds

  Adolescents and teenagers
  Adult Children or Survivors
  Alzheimers, Memory Loss

  Analysis -- Jungian
  Anger, Resentment, Hostility
  Anxiety, Worry and Stress Management Counseling
  Art Therapy
  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  Bereavement, Grief & Loss
  Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transsexual or Questioning--BGLTQ Counseling
  Body-Oriented Psychotherapy
  Buddhist Contemplative Psychotherapy


  Cancer Patients, Survivors or Care Givers
  Career, Work or Money Issues
  Changes in Life (upsetting or disturbing transitions)
  Chemical Dependency
  Children and Adolescents
  Christian Counselors
  Chronic Pain or illness
  Codependent or Codependency
  Co-Existing Disorders (dual-diagnosis, MICA)
  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy--CBT Counseling
  Counselors who are fluent in American Sign Language
  Counselors who are fluent in a foreign language
  Couple or Marriage Counselor / Counseling


  Death of Loved One due to:  illness / accident, murder or suicide
  Dementia and memory loss
  Disability Counseling, Counselor, Therapy
  Domestic Violence
  Dream Interpretation
  Dual Disorders (Chemical Addiction and Mental Health Issues)
  Eating Disorders
  EMDR--certified counselors & therapists
  Emotional Trauma


  Family Counseling
  Feeling "stuck"
  Foreign Language Counselors --those fluent in a language other than English
Forensic Assessment or Evaluation
  Gambling addiction or problem gambling (see Addictions)
  Gays, Lesbians Bisexuals & Transsexuals--GLBT Counseling
  Grief, Loss & Bereavement
  Group Therapy  


  Health Problems
  Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis


  Infertility / pregnancy problems
  Jungian Analyst
  Jungian Psychotherapist


  Learning Disabilities--ADHD, etc.
  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual or Questioning--LGBT Counseling
  Life Changes (upsetting or disturbing transitions)


  Marriage Counseling
  Memory Loss
  Men's Issues
  Mental Health (chronic disorders)
  Mental Health Evaluations (often court-ordered)
  MICA -- Mentally ill chemical abusers
  Military Service Personnel, Spouses and Families  (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard.)
  Mindfullness Counseling and Psychotherapy
  Money Issues
  Motherless Daughters / Motherless Child
  Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy
  Parenting Problems & Skills
  Personality Disorders
  Psychiatric Evaluation (Psych Eval / Evaluations)
  Psychological Evaluation (Psych Eval)
  Pregnancy - high risk or loss / miscarriage
  Premarital Counseling & Marriage Preparation
  "Recovery" Counseling
  Relationship Problems
  Self Destructive Behavior
  Self Esteem Issues
  Sex, Sexuality or Sexual Intimacy Issues  (also sexual abuse or sex addiction)
  SoulCollage Oriented Psychotherapy (art therapy)
  Spirituality - Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy
  Stress Management Counseling
  Stress/Trauma Extreme¬óCounseling for First Responders and Veterans
  Substance Abuse


  Transitions (life changes)
Transgender, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian or Questioning--TBGLQ Counseling
  Trauma --emotional or physical


  Weekend Hours / Sat. and Sun.
  Weight Management Counseling
  Women's Issues
  Work Issues
  Other Mental Health Issues


Abortion: Post-abortion Counselor - Counseling
(Counseling after or following an abortion)

Abortion: (Post-Abortion Counseling). Having an abortion is an event that marks one's life. For many women, this is an event that triggers a myriad of emotions and thoughts, and yet it is so rarely shared with others on a personal level. These experiences can greatly impact the way we live, how we interact with those around us. I believe that deep healing, transformative insight and new freedom can come through the process of therapy following an abortion. -- female counselor, in Greenlake area of Seattle, WA

Abuse, Verbal, physical, emotional or psychological, counseling / counselor

Abuse (verbal or psychological). Counseling for healing from Emotionally Abusive Relationships with parents, partners, spouses or peers. No matter what it is called - verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, mental abuse, or bullying - it is stressful and hard on  self-esteem. Emotionally abusive adults may have a personality disorder: NPD, BPD, OCPD, ASPD, or PPD. --female counselor, Queen Anne Hill in Seattle.

Abuse (verbal or psychological). I specialize in working with clients who have suffered from abuse of all kinds, especially in the areas of emotionally violent relationships (both current and past). We will explore some of the troubling elements of this covert-yet-powerful form of abuse and trauma. --male counselor, Queen Anne area of Seattle, Washington.

See also: Women's IssuesRelationships.

Addiction, Addicts, Alcohol & Drugs Abuse, Chemical Dependency, Substance Abuse Counselor or Counseling --alcoholism and addictions of all kinds

Addictions of all kinds. Private and Personal Addiction Counseling | Alternatives/ Additions to Mundane & Confrontive "Drug Rehabilitation" Programs. Relapse Prevention | Far Beyond Rehab! I offer specialized mental and behavioral health services for individuals, couples, and families whom are frightened about problems of addiction or dangerous patterns of substance abuse. Consultation includes family intervention strategies to relieve the misery associated with such conditions as depression, bipolar illness (manic depression), eating disorders and schizophrenia. I work with apprehensive individuals to conduct confidential mental health evaluations and discuss options for change. As a Family Intervention Specialist, I prepare friends and loved ones to take a caring stand for safety, mental health, and wellness -- effective help is a phone call away! --male counselor in the Wallingford area of Seattle, WA.

I have a great deal of drug and alcohol counseling experience. I work with diverse populations, including heterosexual, polyamorous, LGBT, and members of Seattle's growing sex-positive community. --male counselor, Ravenna area of Seattle, Washington.

Addictions of all kinds --female counselor, Bellevue, Washington.

Addictions of all kinds. Counseling adult children of addicts (ACOA) or individuals in relationship with an addict of some kind. --female counselor, Fremont area of Seattle, Washington

Addictions of all kinds. --female counselor, Spokane, Washington

Addictions of all kinds. I am particularly passionate about working with individuals affected by digital addiction (also known as internet addiction)- keep in mind that this may not always be the addict themselves, but perhaps a parent or partner. Whether the addiction is to online gaming, pornography, social media or surfing, I am here to help. Through attending trainings, reading literature, and volunteering at a facility that exclusively treats internet and gaming addiction, I have worked hard to gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively support those who are impacted by the overuse of technology. --female counselor, Renton, Washington

Addictions of all kinds. I specialize in working with adults in various stages of addiction or recovery, survivors of domestic violence and/or childhood abuse, and individuals with symptoms of anxiety or depression. I often work with individuals wanting to improve their self esteem and functioning within relationships, as well as those seeking an increase in their experience of spiritual connection according to their preference and definition.--male counselor, Green Lake area of Seattle, Washington

Addictions of all kinds. --female counselor, South of Burien, Washington

Addictions of all kinds. Addiction Recovery, Trauma Recovery and Couples Counseling. --male counselor, Edmonds, Washington

Also see:  Sex addiction and other sexual issues  or  Co-existing Disorders (MICA or dual disorders), or the Group Therapy page for therapy groups that might meet your needs.


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) ADD and other behavior or learning problems or learning disabilities Counselor or Counseling

Learning Disabilities--ADHD, etc. . I specialize in helping teens, adults and families cope with anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, ADHD, Aspergers and other concerns and I help couples and families improve relationships and communication. --female counselor, North Bend, Washington

Also see: children and adolescent or adolescent category

Adolescent / teen behavior, mental health and psychology Counseling or Counselor for the adolescent boy or girl

Adolescent therapy, especially for teens who are under achieving due to trauma, depression, and family conflict --male therapist, Bellevue & Seattle, WA.

Adolescent counseling for “at-Risk” or struggling teenager and or their families --male counselor, Bellevue, Washington.

I enjoy working with adolescents and young adults in particular. Why this specific focus? We seem to be living in an age of an ever expanding length of time for the period of "adolescence". Kids are reaching puberty and entering adolescence earlier than ever and they seem to be staying there, sometimes stuck there, longer. They live in a world rich with media information, electronic devices and they are exposed to adult material and adult issues at earlier and earlier ages. They need an increasing amount of schooling and preparation for adult life and entry level adult jobs are scarce and often low paying, with the result that they remain dependent on family longer. It is an extremely difficult time with many challenges for them and for their families. --female counselor in Lynnwood, Washington.

I provide counseling for children (10 years and over), adolescents, young adults entering the workforce, young college bound adults, college age adults, families with adolescents and educators. --male counselor in Greenlake area of Seattle, Washington.

Adolescents and teenagers. Adult & Teen counseling services related to: anxiety, depression, family adjustments, school stress, leaving home and defining your identity. Gay, Lesbian, transgender, gender nonconforming children, poly relationships. --male counselor in Downtown area of Seattle, Washington.

Adolescents and teenagers. I focus much of my counseling with teen girls and young women. My work centers around helping them sort through the common perils of adolescence or navigate through a difficult situation with academics, friends/drama/bullying or parental divorce. If you are a parent, my role as your teen's counselor is to heal wounds that have lead to their current behavior and to cultivate a foundation of healthy decision making in the teen for the future. -- female counselor in the Wallingford area in Seattle, Washington

Adolescents and teenagers. Athletes. --female counselor in West area of Seattle, Washington.

Adolescents and teenagers. I work with women and adolescent girls in the following areas: Depression, Anxiety, Self Acceptance, Self Injury, Body Image, School Issues, Life Transitions, Relationship Issues, Trauma, and Issues Related to Pregnancy. To learn more details please refer to my website. I draw from a variety of clinical theories that are strength and evidence based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy MBCT). --female counselor Capital Hill area of Seattle, Washington.

Adolescents and teenagers. I have worked therapeutically with adolescents for over 10 years, much of it within a school setting. I see teenagers who struggle with a wide range of issues: academics, peers, parents, siblings, and/or social situations, who are vulnerable to self-harming behaviors such as cutting or substance abuse, who have experienced trauma, are depressed or anxious. When I work with adolescents, I also work with the parents and families, as they are an integral part of the therapy. -- female counselor in Everett, Washington.

See also: (1). children and adolescents, (2). adolescent self-destructive behavior, (3). divorce  (4.) history of childhood sexual abuse, or (5). psychiatric evaluations (psych evals) of adolescents.

Adult Children of Alcoholics or Addicts (ACOA) and Survivors Counselor or Counseling:

Being an adult survivor of child abuse or alcoholic or dysfunctional family refers to someone who endured the pain of child abuse, neglect or family chaos and survived it. "Unfortunately, the survival tactics used to cope with the abuse can later get in the way of productive and satisfying adult lives."
[Screening Quiz]

Adult-Child / Survivors of Dysfunctional Families. Adult survivors of child abuse, neglect or molestation who now seek help for adult problems. --female counselor, Seattle - Capitol Hill area, Washington.

Adult-Child / Survivors of Dysfunctional Families. The relationship between parent/child or parent/caregiver can have a profound effect on individuals for a lifetime and often shows up in how we do relationships with others on all levels: friends, colleagues, romantic partnerships, and then usually trickles down to the next child if survivors of dysfunctional families choose to have children of their own prior to doing their own work. It is indeed a complex process and capable of presenting many challenges that may be difficult to interpret. These challenges can also represent strong opportunities for growth depending on how they are perceived by both the parent and the child/adolescent. However, you must do the work if you wish to experience the healing. Healing contains an element of freedom. The freedom to understand your experiences and how they have impacted you rather than being trapped in the spinning mind of traumatic memory and all of its manifestation. By understanding your experiences, one's outer world becomes a place where you can create a different perspective that allows for powerful change. If you are experiencing relationship difficulties or just want to learn new and effective relational skills, I can help. Aside from relational therapy, I also work directly with children/adolescents who are experiencing transitional difficulties, depression, anger, self harming tendencies, suicidal thinking, and eating disorders. I also work with adolescents who are questioning their sexual orientation or other identity related issues. --female counselor, Issaquah, Washington.

See also: sexual abuse / sexual issues or Alcoholism or Addictions Recovery

Alcoholic and alcoholism recovery

See: Addiction alcoholism and chemical dependency, above.

Anger Counselor or Counseling

See also: Feeling Stuck, Children & Adolescents, Men's Issues, Women's Issues

Anxiety, Worry, Panic and Stress Management Counseling

Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Management Counseling. Adults who are anxious, depressed, have low self-esteem or relationship problems and are motivated to work on the problem.--female counselor, Pierce County, Tacoma, WA.

Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Management Counseling. Teaching clients to understand, manage and reduce worrisome thoughts and anxiety. --female counselor, Kirkland, Washington.

Art Therapy is very helpful in addressing anxiety. --female counselor, downtown Seattle, Washington.

Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Management Counseling. I treat anxiety about relationships and intimacy--fear of losing oneself and the opposite, being too separate and not knowing how to set boundaries.Also more generalized anxiety can be crippling in terms of the energy required to worry! Together we can begin to understand and work through your fears and open up more energy for living fully. --female counselor, downtown Seattle, Washington.

Learn to use mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy to address symptoms of anxiety and worry. --female counselor, Capitol Hill area in Seattle.

Research shows that people often seek help from family physicians for symptoms of anxiety or depression. My office is based in a family medicine clinic and consequently I see many clients whose lives are negatively effected by anxiety or worry. I work collaboratively with clients, and their physician when appropriate, to reduce or resolve the problems related to anxiety. I use a combination of talk therapy, anxiety reduction techniques and bibliotherapy. --female counselor, Ballard area of Seattle, Washington.

A special interest of mine is anxiety and stress management, especially in relation to work stress. For example, my practice has given me special insight into high-tech stress. I have over 20 years of experience in working with software professionals and their families. --female counselor, Bellevue, Washington.

Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Management Counseling. Anxiety can be an endless loop that feeds itself. Let's help you get out of the loop by decreasing the anxiety and being able to tolerate it better so you can make different choices. You don't have to be ruled by the negative thoughts or the uncomfortable sensations anymore. With some work and patience, you can trade worry for ease. --female counselor, in Madison Park area of Seattle, Washington.

Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Management Counseling. Anxiety and depression (in their many forms) often interweave themselves into your life and feel like barriers to the life you truly want to lead. While they seem to offer no choices, these challenges may actually be signals that something in your life needs attention. Learning to understand and interpret these signals is the beginning of positive change. My job as a therapist is to use the skills I have to help you discover and make choices that are in line with your values and well-being. --female counselor, in Edmonds, Washington.

Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Management Counseling. I have worked with an extensive spectrum of issues including ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Adoption, Divorce, Obsessive Compulsive behaviors, Oppositional and defiant youth, Abuse, and Academic underachievement. In addition to my training and experience, I work with adult patients as well as youth. I have over ten years of experience working with youth, young adults and families. I have worked extensively with parents to understand and strengthen their relationship and communication with their children as well as with families experiencing attachment difficulties.--female counselor, in the downtown area or Wallingford area of Seattle, Washington.

Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Management Counseling. Perfectionism, Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Overwhelm: I CAN HELP. --female counselor, in Downtown area of Seattle, Washington.

Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Management Counseling. I specialize in treating anxiety, social phobia, and depression in children, teenagers, and adults. I also have expertise working with survivors of domestic violence. My counseling style is warm, non-judgmental, conversational, collaborative, and creative. All of my work is firmly rooted in the belief that all humans are inherently good, lovable, and resilient. --female counselor, Bellevue, Washington.

Also see: cognitive behavioral therapy, depression,  or  low self esteem and check for therapy groups which might help.

Art Therapy, including Soul Collage, a form of art therapy

Art making, creative self-expression and play are all natural forms of human communication and language. Art Therapy invites the client to use this "language" to express and heal from their emotional burdens. Art gives "voice" to more of the client's experience than just their words alone. Materials available: a large range of fine art & craft supplies, play therapy supplies, full sand tray, figurines, puppets, stuffed animals, games and music. -- female counselor in Edmonds, Washington.

Art Therapy. I am trained as a talk therapist and an art therapist and provide both in my sessions. I use art therapy as a tool to unblock creativity, make meaning, and release emotions. The creative process can be in and of itself soothing and calming. The image or form that you create becomes a projection of your present experience, providing you with a way to communicate beyond words. It can be a powerful addition in therapy, where no experience with art is necessary or required. -- female counselor in West area of Seattle, Washington.

Art Therapy. I am a Registered Art Therapist (ATR). Art therapy helps to cultivate self-expression, create coping skills, manage stress, and strengthen sense of self. A variety of materials may be used to gain insight into underlying thoughts and feelings that might be difficult to put into words but can be expressed through art making. -- female counselor in downtown area of Seattle, Washington.

Art Therapy. I am a trained art therapist with experience using individualized directives with children, adults, couples, and families. Many of us have had experiences or feelings that were difficult to describe or communicate with words. The use of Art Therapy in combination with traditional individual, couple, and family approaches can further enrich the therapy process; thus, quickly bringing new perceptions, expanded self-expression, and useful conversations. Doing something different often helps break up old unhelpful patterns that burden individuals, intimate partners, and families. -- female counselor in Tacoma, Washington.

Art Therapy. I am a SoulCollage® Facilitator,  and offer Expressive Arts Therapy. -- female counselor in Renton, Washington.

Art Therapy. female counselor in Queen Anne area of Seattle, Washington.

Autism Counselor, Counseling, Treatment, Support


Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Counseling or Counselor

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy. Body-oriented psychotherapy utilizing Core Energetics and Soma, interpersonal neurobiology and many other techniques as necessary. I also Directer of Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy, a training program for therapists. --female counselor, Lake City area in Seattle, WA.

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy. By combining psychotherapy and integrating the body-mind connection, clients gain deeper insight from the subconscious of the body that brings about change on all levels. Clients gain deeper awareness and insight for successful behavior change in more ease, grace, and in half the time then talk therapy alone. --female counselor, Ravenna area in Seattle, WA.

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy. With almost 30 years experience as a therapist, I've learned that " the talking cure" doesn't help most people create the kind of changes they are looking for. What does promote growth and unwind trauma is the ability to listen to your body's wisdom. My clients learn to pause and listen to "what hurts" in a way that includes the crucial step of including how their experience is held in their body. This research based, body-centered and mindfulness practice is called Focusing. It is easily learned and empowers clients to find lasting change from within. When combined with therapy it is called Focusing-Oriented therapy. I am a Focusing-Oriented therapist and certifying coordinator through the Focusing Institute. I do this work with individuals, couples and families. I also offer a training program to healing professionals who want to incorporate Focusing in their practice. --male counselor, West area in Seattle, WA.


Buddhist Contemplative Psychotherapy --Therapist
Contemplative psychotherapy is a blend of classical psychology and Buddhist psychology. It does not require an interest in Buddhism or meditation. There is a basic belief that the individual is inherently good. There is an emphasis on present moment experiences rather than relying on past experiences alone. It is a "here and now" therapy that cultivates mindfulness and awareness. Clients develop mental skills that they can continue to use long after therapy is completed.

Buddhist Contemplative Psychotherapy. Buddhist Existential Psychotherapy. --female counselor, downtown Seattle, Washington.


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