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Licensed Mental Health Counselors,
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists,
Licensed Clinical Social Works in the

Fremont District area
of Seattle
, Washington (WA) 98103

photo of counselor therapist Rose Goodman of Seattle WA 98103-8812Rose Goodman, M.A.LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 349-7521
3417 Evanston Ave N, Suite #201, Seattle, WA 98103-8812
Location: Seattle - Fremont
General Practice Area: I love my work and bring acceptance, curiosity and care to your experiences and concerns. My approach to therapy is a collaborative process that fosters self-awareness. Through this process, I can help you gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions and relational patterns. We can explore your experience through dialogue, drawing, movement, body awareness, and visualizations. As you see in my photo, Luna, my assistant, accompanies us in our work. She has become a trusted companion to many. Some common concerns I work with are: relationship issues, anxiety, depression, stress, trauma recovery, and life transitions, such as bereavement, illness, marriage, divorce or career change. The following professional interests inform my work: relational psychotherapy, attachment and neurobiological research, somatic transformation, existential and Jungian perspectives, mindfulness-based stress reduction, psychodrama and group therapy. I am a preferred provider for Premera, Lifewise, Regence/Uniform, and First Choice. I accept checks, cash and credit cards. [ Email Rose Goodman ]

Jane Johnston, M.A.,  LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 285-0412
5417 Baker Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
Niche Specialty©: Relationship Problems. Relationship issues and concerns.
Location: Fremont area of Seattle.
General Practice Area: ADD (attention deficit disorder) counseling, worry, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues, wanting more meaning or direction in your life, persons with a history of abuse or neglect, difficulty in staying focused, feeling stuck, frequently critical towards self or others, life changes or losses. I work in an empathetic & well-rounded way that inquires into your thoughts and feelings. This is to clarify your patterns so that you can come into different and more successful ways of being. Individuals, couples or families.[ Email Jane Johnston ]

photo of counselor therapist Melissa Wood Brewster of Seattle WA 98103Melissa Wood Brewster, MSS, LICSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
(206) 409-1266
753 N 35th St, Suite #102, Seattle, WA 98103
Niche Specialty©: Addictions of all kinds. Counseling adult children of addicts (ACOA) or individuals in relationship with an addict of some kind.
Location: My office is in the Fremont Professional Building, located two doors East of the Fremont Public Library and next to the Aurora (99) bridge.
General Practice Area: Counseling for adults, individuals and couples. Depression, anxiety, Adult Children Of Alcoholics, and adults in transition, parenting, relationships, self-esteem issues, and stress management. Finding a balance between availability to others and self-preservation. Proficient in American Sign Language and experienced in working with deaf and hard of hearing adults. Cognitive, relational, mindfulness-based and psychodynamic approaches with emphasis on emotional content. [ Email Melissa Wood Brewster ]

photo of counselor therapist Laura Wagner of Seattle WA 98103Clearwater Counseling
Laura WagnerMA, LMHC, NCC, ESA  
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 261-3145
4425 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
Niche Specialty©: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I use cognitive behavioral and mindfulness therapy when working with adults and teenagers. These therapies help one remain present, realize and change unhealthy thoughts, and support a peaceful mind.
Location: Bossa Nova Healing Arts Center is on Fremont Ave between 44th & 45th St across from Market Time Grocery Store.
General Practice Area: Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness based therapy for adolescents and adults. I am trained and experienced in working with a wide age range of clients. As a previous school counselor I enjoy supporting youth through the changes in their life, and help guide them to make positive choices and build trusting relationships with family members. I enjoy supporting adult clients with such issues as building self-esteem, overcoming depression and anxiety, grieving a painful loss, creating healthy relationships, entering college and other life transitions, and developing mindfulness. In therapy, I create an empathetic environment in which clients do not feel judged. I feel it is important to explore a client's past experiences and family of origin, as I believe our pasts greatly influence who we are. I use cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness therapy which has shown to be very effective for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and low self esteem. It is based on the theory that our thoughts, rather than external events, generate our feelings. I teach relaxation and meditation techniques to clients of all ages when appropriate.
[ Email Laura Wagner ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Amy Wilter of Seattle WA 98103Amy Wilter Counseling
Amy WilterPh.D., LMHC  
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 613-9057
3417 Fremont Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98103
Location: Office located in the heart of Fremont near the Fremont Bridge.
General Practice Area: I work with adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, mood swings, and PTSD. My approach is strengths-based and collaborative. I work with clients to enhance personal strengths while offering additional tools found in cognitive-behavioral treatments and DBT mindfulness-based skills. When indicated, I incorporate EMDR to treat PTSD; reduce anxiety and depression symptoms; strengthen coping skills including spiritual resources; and for performance enhancement on tests, interviews, and presentations. Finally, for clients seeking insight into how early relationships may be impacting their current relationships and well-being, I offer exploration in an accepting, interactive therapy relationship. Specific modalities: Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR); Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD (PE); Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills facilitation; and Mastery of Anxiety and Panic for Adolescents (MAP-A). I also offer psychological, ADHD, and learning disability evaluations. Contact me if you are in need of an evaluation, have questions about the kind of evaluation you need, or want to know more about the evaluation process. If I cannot service your assessment needs, I will refer you to an appropriate colleague. I offer a complimentary first appointment to provide you a chance to get your questions answered face-to-face and get a feel for me and my office space. Welcome!
[ Email Amy Wilter ]

photo of counselor therapist Katie Talbott of Seattle WA 98103Katie Talbott, MALMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 335-5677
720 North 35th St, Suite #201, Seattle, WA 98103
Location: Fremont Healing Arts is located just east of the intersection of North 35th St and Fremont Ave.
General Practice Area: Individual adults. I provide sensitive, thoughtful therapy for men and women who are looking not only for relief from suffering, but for a connection with the deeper truth of their life. My work is based on the principle that all life is interconnected, and that real satisfaction and purpose comes from finding and relaxing into our place in that web. I specialize in working with adults who are longing to feel more at home, whether that means finding more self acceptance, claiming their work in the world, engaging with their community, or attuning to their own spiritual direction. I strive to approach you with kindness, acceptance, empathy and a deep commitment to your being heard and understood. At the same time, I will challenge you to find greater clarity, and to live your life with integrity and wholeness. Specific reasons people come to me include: major life changes, indecision, anxiety, spiritual questions, grief and loss, questions about meaning and purpose, and a desire to grow into their full potential. I graduated from Whitman College in 1988 with a BA in Biology and Theology, and completed my graduate work in systems counseling at the Leadership Institute of Seattle in 2010. I am a certified Hakomi Therapist and have trained in visualization-style meditation, mindfulness meditation, and Nonviolent Communication. My approach to counseling grows out of time spent in the natural world and my 26 years of marriage to my husband. [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Marin Maciel of Seattle WA 98109Marin Maciel, M.A., LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 790-4914
1800 Westlake Ave N, Suite #303, Seattle, WA 98109
Location: ON LAKE UNION- Within a professional building suite, overlooking lake union, with plenty of parking. (Parking on Westlaks side of parking lot is free).
General Practice Area: Outside of my Private Practice, as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at Harborview Medical Center, I provide Vocational Rehabilitation for individuals with neurological disorders including Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, and other neurological disorders. I have over 10 years of experience to include working as a Rehabilitation Counselor and as a Mental Health Therapist with individuals from young adulthood - older adulthood, as well as with clients with co-occurring disorders. In addition, I have experience with the struggles and emotional experiences endured by individuals & family members fighting cancer. I look forward assisting you towards your personal goals. Free Ph. Consult.

Psychotherapy is an intentional process engaged in to improve one's sense of wellbeing. Therapy can assist you to gain insight into how to create the experiences that you ultimately desire in life. I engage in a flexible and adaptive approach, utilizing various therapeutic interventions to assist you towards this goal. My role is to support you towards greater freedom from issues which cause you discomfort, so that you create welcomed emotional-life experiences. I integrate, Humanistic, Person-Centered, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Existential psychotherapeutic theory, depending on what is anticipated to be most helpful for you. Additional modalities/theories studied (Jungian psychology, REBT, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic, Family Systems, Couples therapy, DBT and others). [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Maggie Hollinbeck of Seattle WA 98103Maggie Hollinbeck, MA, LMHCA  
Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate
(206) 395-8138
3414 1/2 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
Location: Conveniently located across the street from the Fremont PCC
General Practice Area: Holistic Psychotherapist: If you're here, I imagine you're seeking freedom and relief from something that is disturbing your life - maybe your relationships are suffering, or work just isn't as satisfying as it used to be (or never was), or you find that "old business" keeps cropping up and making things difficult. You may have been to therapy before, maybe even a few different therapists, and you found it helpful enough that you're here now...but maybe it only took you so far. You want more. You want to feel truly alive! I use a holistic approach, mindful of how the mind, body and spirit work together. If you suffer from "old business", which tends to get stuck in the body, this can be very helpful. Holistic work also illuminates family entanglements and other unconscious processes that affect us below the surface. I have a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and have been practicing psychotherapy since 2001. My tools have been developed organically over time based on practice in depth psychology, Energy Psychology, systemic constellation work, Reiki, yoga, Inner Bonding, shamanic practices, and other personal growth paths.
[ Email Maggie Hollinbeck ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Meghan Whitlock of Seattle WA 98103Meghan Whitlock Counseling
Meghan Whitlock, MA, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 707-5105
600 N 36th ST, Suite #406, Seattle, WA 98103
Location: Fremont Space Building
General Practice Area: I work with individual adults, children, adolescents, couples, and families struggling with the effects of anxiety, depression, trauma, and intense interpersonal conflict. I utilize a client-centered approach, believing that you are the ultimate guide to your own experience and needs. Through a collaborative partnership our work together will bring greater insight, stability, and fulfillment to you and your relationships.
[ Email Meghan Whitlock ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Corrina Skildum of Seattle WA 98103Corrina Skildum, M.A., LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 450-3741
720 N 35th ST, Suite #201, Seattle, WA 98103
Location: Fremont
General Practice Area: Journey toward a life with more ease, connection, and meaning. I see you as a superhero, discovering and learning to wield your unique superpowers to overcome life's challenges. I will guide you in the discovery, acceptance and integration of your own inner-wisdom, while teaching new skills to help you meet your goals. I might be the right therapist for you if one or more of the following statements describes you. You have been diagnosed or suspect you have depression, anxiety, bipolar or PTSD and are seeking natural solutions. You are struggling with emotions (anger, sadness, fear) or self-judging thoughts. You have had insights through talk therapy, but wish to add a somatic (body) and/or spiritual focus to therapy. You want to explore mindfulness-based approaches to reactive/addictive behaviors or thought patterns. You are seen as other in some way by dominant culture (GLBTQQ, spiritually oriented, living in non-traditional family or community, artistic, activist, sex-positive). You like learning through interaction, games, activities or other experiences. You want to try therapy outside in nature.[ Email Corrina Skildum ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Sara M. Baldwin of Seattle WA 98103Citta Psychotherapy
Sara M. Baldwin M.A.  LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 456-4026
600 N 36th St, Suite #303, Seattle, WA 98103
Location: Space Building, behind Lenin
General Practice Area: I'm a mindfulness based psychotherapist who works with individuals experiencing anxiety, stress, depression and feelings of overwhelm. I enjoy working with teens and adults who may be self-critical or suffer from low self-esteem. I am a trained teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion and am passionate about helping people relate to themselves in a more kind and effective way.[ Email Sara M. Baldwin ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Christie L. Messina of Seattle WA 98103

In Step Counseling
Christie L. Messina, M.A.LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 271-4819
270 35th ST, Suite #201, Seattle, WA 98103
Location: Fremont Neighborhood
General Practice Area: I work with adolescents, adults and families. I specialize in depression, anxiety, grief and loss,separation/individuation, self esteem, parenting and life transitions. I work with women struggling with postpartum depression, infertility, pregnancy loss and birth trauma. My approach is systemic in nature. As I look at the individual in relation to their core relationships. I also utilize cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness therapy and narrative work. I see the therapeutic process as a collaborative one in which I work together with clients to explore areas they may be struggling with on their life journey.[ Email Christie L. Messina ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

For Consumers of Mental Health and Addiction Services: Advice, Assessment, Counseling,  Information, Resource, Service and Treatment in the Fremont neighborhood, Seattle, WA 98103.

With the counselor locator service, counselors can be located by name, geographic area, or niche specialty.  The counseling specialty areas include: addictions, anxiety and worry, career work & money, children and adolescents, communication, couples counseling, marriage counseling, creativity problems, depression counseling, divorce, family, gays, lesbians & transsexuals, health problems, men's issues, mental health (chronic problems),  relationships, sexual issues, transitions (life changes), trauma (when awful things happen), women's issues, and other issues not covered elsewhere.

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