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Mukilteo Washington State WA 98201 98208 98275

Everett, Lake Stevens, Mukilteo, WA
Snohomish County , Washington
WA 98201, 98203, 98204, 98208, 98275

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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
or Licensed Psychologist

photo of counselor therapist Phil Prothero of Everett WA 98201-3535Redeeming Stories Inc.
Phil Prothero, M.A.,  LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(425) 344-8422
2722 Colby Avenue, Suite #721, Everett, WA 98201-3535
Location: AmericaWest Bank building (formerly known as the Medical Dental Building) Everett, Washington
General Practice Area: I also have a MDiv degree. I approach counseling from the belief that we are all meant to experience relationships that provide love, joy, and intimacy. And yet many obstacles may impede us from experiencing the relationships we desire as our life stories get corrupted over time from abuse, trauma, neglect, loss, and other challenges. Coping strategies can appear to help, but over time they may only distract us from the painful cry of our lonely hearts. In counseling we will address your present symptoms in the context of your life story. I help people suffering from anxiety, depression, life transitions, grieving, pet loss, spiritual concerns, and general blahs. As a Certified Sex Addiction Counselor (CSAT), I also assist men and women with sex and love addiction to establish sobriety and to experience more meaningful, life-giving relationships. I am trained in EMDR, which I may recommend as a helpful treatment modality to heal unresolved past trauma and the related present-day symptoms. I currently contracted with Premera, LifeWise, UnitedHealthCare, and TRICARE insurance companies. Please visit my website for more information. [ Email Phil Prothero ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Mary Peters of Mukilteo WA 98275-1580Mary PetersMA, LMHC  
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 200-3957
631 - 5th Street, Suite #201, Mukilteo, WA 98275-1580
Location: in Old Town Mukilteo in the Rose Hill Professional Center Townhouses.
General Practice Area: I provide counseling to adults, adolescents and children. With the relationship between therapist and client being the utmost importance, my methods of practice are geared toward meeting the needs of my client through a Humanistic and Cognitive Behavioral approach while utilizing the strengths of each individual. My areas of expertise include counseling people experiencing anxiety, depression, grief and loss, life transitions, parenting or work related issues, work/life balance and school/social issues that effect children and teens. I also work with individuals and families affected by sexual abuse and other traumas. My background includes experience as a career counselor and specialized training in child and adolescent counseling. I accept most major insurance coverages. Evening appointments available. Please visit my web page for more information.
[ Email Mary Peters ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Juliana (Nason) Tyler of Everett WA 98201Chrysalis Counseling Services PLLC
Juliana (Nason) Tyler, M.A.,  LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(206) 604-0996
2804 Grand AVE, Suite #300, Everett, WA 98201
Niche Specialty©: Postpartum Depression--PPD. I specialize in perinatal and postpartum counseling for women and their families, which may encompass such things as: preconception counseling; prenatal parenting; mindful pregnancy practices; perinatal and postpartum mood disorders; preparing abuse survivors for birth; grief and loss, including challenges with fertility, miscarriage, and neonatal loss; birth trauma resolution; and the adjustment to parenthood.
Location: Chrysalis Counseling Services PLLC is located in downtown Everett, inside of the Sound Holistic Health family medicine clinic. Conveniently located at the corner of Grand Avenue and California Street, on the top floor of the renovated Everett Public Market Building, above the Sno-Isle Natural Foods Cooperative and The Sisters restaurant.
General Practice Area: Additional credentials include: NCC, DAPA, BCPC, CMHS, HBCE, HBFE; I have spent the past several years specializing in meeting the therapeutic needs of women and their families, concentrating on the treatment of the life transitions, developmental challenges, and psychiatric complications related to pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. It is my belief that you deserve a warm, respectful partnership with your therapist, an informed and collaborative role in the treatment process, and relief from any suffering you may be experiencing, so you may live a happy and gratifying life. I utilize a holistic approach to help treat your current symptoms, and get to the core causes of your difficulties. Supplementing my work as a therapist, I am a Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner and Fertility Educator, offering private childbirth instruction for growing families. For more information please visit I am also a Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator, and have training in Birth Story Listening (Birthing From Within).[ Email Juliana (Nason) Tyler ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Kira Love Flores of Everett WA 98208Kira Love Counseling Services
Kira Love Flores, MA, LMFT 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(425) 327-6776
1723 100th Pl SE, Suite #E, Everett, WA 98208
Niche Specialty©: Couple or Marriage Counselor. My passion and purpose as a therapist is helping individuals and couples move from feeling stuck in damaging relational patterns or behaviors. I work with clients to first recognize then communicate their needs and feelings in ways which promote a more functional and fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. Couples often wait to seek counseling until their relationship is in crisis due to chronic lack of attention and/or an affair. This is rife for intensity in the counseling room. Utilizing a directive, compassionate approach I guide couples into empathic interactions leading to a safe and secure loving attachment.
Location: Just off I-5 and the Bothel-Everett Highway, my office is one light south of Winco in the Evergreen Counseling Offices.
General Practice Area: Much of my work involves helping both individuals and couples dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship endings, boundaries, work conflict, childhood abuse and other trauma, grief/loss, and addiction recovery support. In relationship work I specialize in communication breakdown and affair/crisis recovery. I authentically and compassionately engage my clients within a safe professional framework, not infrequently graced by a heartwarming dose of humor. Saturday and Evening hours are available.
[ Email Kira Love Flores ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Zita Fekete of Mukilteo WA 98275Sound Soul Counseling
Zita Fekete, MALMHC 
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(425) 280-2643
4460 73rd Pl SW, Mukilteo, WA 98275
Location: Behind the Olympic View Middle School
General Practice Area: Do you feel like something is not going right in your relationship, but you cannot put your finger on it? Do you feel confused, frustrated and angry; the more you bend to your partner, the less appreciation you get? You do what your loved one wants you to -just to avoid feeling guilty, ashamed or because you're anxious that something terrible could happen? Deep, deep down, your self-esteem is the lowest… so much so that it feels helpless and hopeless. I know these feelings very well. Often this combination of feelings is the sign of "Emotional Manipulation." Emotional Manipulation is a double-based communication process, in which something seemingly loving and caring is happening at the surface, but it has a different intention buried beneath it: controlling your behavior by inducing guilt, shame and anxiety. When you recognize what's going on, the magic disappears! When you have insight on the sneaky nature of it, you have a chance to override it. When you learn resistance tactics, you can regain control and reestablish the confidence of independence with it! I can help you in several ways: with individual counseling, group therapy and online training! Please check my website for opportunities!
[ Email Zita Fekete ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Nila Horton of Everett WA 98201Horton and Group Counseling Services
Nila Horton, MALMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(425) 622-7929
3931 Colby Ave, Everett, WA 98201
Niche Specialty©: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Thoughts are the basis of all emotions. Whether your problem is drinking, depression or anxiety. Your thoughts begin the process. Cognitive therapy helps you understand and change your thoughts.. the change happens in you!
Location: corner of state street and 80th St
General Practice Area: Marriage & Couples Counseling- Specializing in Communication Barriers -Understanding how we got here; and how we can get on! How to stop hurting cycle in your marriage through understanding the underlying issues. Whether you just want to better you marriage or salvage it. We can help!! Areas of expertise: Depression - relaxation skills - Giving you control over your emotions. Anxiety - PTSD - Loss - Grief - Stages of Grief Chemical Abuse and Dependency - How to stop the destructive cycle!! NEW--- Divorce and Post Divorce Counseling for Individuals and Children Individual Counseling - We use an educational approach, allowing each individual to understand their own thinking patterns, perceptions and choices. Through understanding new options and new feelings surface. We use cognitive re-training techniques as each client creates theri own paht to more adaptive ways of thinking and behaving. Identify your trigger and core beliefs, gain insight into yourself and begin to fuel your new self. ? Marriage and Couples ? Depression and Sadness ? Codependency ? Anxiety and Stress ? Communication issues ? Arguments ? Trust issues ? EMDR ? PTSD ? Emotional intimacy ? Trauma [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

Dan J. Hansen Counseling, LLC
Dan J. Hansen, M. Ed.,  LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(800) 355-0415
Everett, WA 98201
Location: Please call or email for consultation.
General Practice Area: Professional Serviece: Therapy and Counseling, Clinical Supervision, and Consultation. Individual and Relationship therapy, and Parent-Child Coaching. Mood Issues: Bipolar Disorder,Depression, Anger, Anxiety. Solution Focused and Harm-Reduction Strategies. Brief and Extended Therapy.Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), and Motivational Interviewing. Charges/Fees for Counseling. $90 per hour. [ Email Dan J Hansen ]

photo of counselor therapist Robin Barre of Mukilteo WA 98275Robin Barre Psychotherapy and Consultation Services
Robin Barre PhD  LMHCA, PhD/PsyD
Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate, Licensed Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist
(425) 238-2765
413 Lincoln Avenue, Suite A, Mukilteo, WA 98275
Niche Specialty©: Adolescents and teenagers. I have worked therapeutically with adolescents for over 10 years, much of it within a school setting. I see teenagers who struggle with a wide range of issues: academics, peers, parents, siblings, and/or social situations, who are vulnerable to self-harming behaviors such as cutting or substance abuse, who have experienced trauma, are depressed or anxious. When I work with adolescents, I also work with the parents and families, as they are an integral part of the therapy.
Location: Old Town Mukilteo
General Practice Area: I provide Psychotherapy and Consultation Services. I am a depth psychotherapist with a background in Jungian, archetypal, and liberation psychologies. I have studied trauma extensively, am well-versed and continue to train in the healing work of trauma. I work with clients who are suffering from post-traumatic stress, are in grief, or are suffering from depression and anxiety. Parenting and relationship challenges, life transitions, and spiritual crises are also issues I work through with clients. I support those who are working to maintain their recovery from substance addictions. I see couples and individuals in my practice. I also work with adolescents but not children under 12 years old. Jungian-based sandplay therapy, mindfulness practices and dialectical behavior-informed therapy, and psychodynamic/psychoanalytic therapy are my preferred modalities of practice. I do not take insurance at this time. Fees run from $50-$100/60 minutes.[ Email Robin Barre ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Susan L. Hessel of Mukilteo WA 98275Susan L. Hessel, M.A.,  LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(713) 515-6636
8490 Mukilteo Speedway, Suite #209, Mukilteo, WA 98275
General Practice Area: I hold a Master Degree in Psychology and a D.Min. in Wisdom Studies. I am Licensed in the state of Washington as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. In Texas I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. My approach to counseling is Client Centered. Every client is treated individually for their particular needs. I believe in working collaboratively, creating a safe and secure environment for the client/therapist relationship to develop. A sound foundation between client and therapist is a cornerstone to an effective healing process. Many people seek out counseling because some area of their life is not effective any longer and want it to change. Emotional security in the counseling environment clears the pathway to explore and manage the emotions causing distress. For over twenty years I have worked with adults, teens, children, families, and groups to alleviate the difficulties experienced in their lives. I focus my work in the areas of depression/anxiety, shame, life transitions, grief, loss, trauma, spiritual issues, parenting and adoption. With a history of working in public schools I am especially experienced in the issues of children with special needs and their parents. In addition, I am trained in the technique of EMDR supporting the healing of unresolved trauma issues. I am honored to walk with you on the path to your inner wisdom. Credit Cards Accepted. [ Email Susan L. Hessel ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

photo of counselor therapist Jason Bailey of Everett WA 98201Jason Bailey, LLC
Jason Bailey, M.A.,  LMHCA
Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate
(360) 961-0388
2722 Colby Avenue, Suite #402, Everett, WA 98201
Niche Specialty©:
Other Mental Health Issues. Mental Health Counseling; Individual and Group. Veteran Mental Health Care; Individual. Sex Offender Treatment; Individual and Group. Located in Everett, I provide Individual Mental health Counseling Services to people, primarily from North King and Snohomish Counties, experiencing anxiety, depression, troubled relationships, looking for change, or just needing someone to talk with. As a combat Veteran and former military dependent, I strive to serve the Veteran community and their families in a large span of issues related to military experiences, lifestyle, and military dependent hardships. I also provide Sex Offender Treatment, as a Sex Offender Treatment Provider (SOTP) Affiliate, and Sexual Deviancy Evaluations.
Location: Everett City Center
General Practice Area: Mental Health Counseling [ Email Jason Bailey ] [ Go to counselor - therapist website ]

What do the initials mean after counselor's names?

See also: Therapist - Counselor Lynnwood, Washington Counselor Marysville, WA Counselor City of Snohomish, WACounselors Edmonds, Everett, Mill Creek, WA. pages in Snohomish County, Washington State. 

For Consumers of Mental Health and Addiction Services:   Advice, Assessment, Counseling,  Information, Resource, Service and Treatment in the Everett and Mukilteo, Washington, Snohomish County area.  

With the counselor locator service, counselors can be located by name, geographic area, or specialty.  The counseling specialty areas include: addictions, anxiety and worry, children and adolescents, child and teen mental health, communication, couples counseling, marriage counseling, creativity problems, depression, divorce, family, gays, lesbians & transsexuals, health problems, men's issues, mental health (chronic problems), money, work & career, relationships, sexual issues, transitions (life changes), trauma (when awful things happen), women's issues, and other issues (not covered elsewhere).

The mental health and addictions counselors listed on these pages are:
(1.) Licensed Psychologists

(2.) Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC),

(3.) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT),
(4.) Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associates (LMHCA),
(5.) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associates (LMFTA),
(6.) Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers (LICSW),
(7.) Licensed Social Work Associate—Advanced (LSWAA),
(8.) Licensed Social Work Associate
—Independent Clinical (LSWAIC), and
(9.) Masters-level Certified Counselors (CC).

If the viewer has information that any professionals on this site are misrepresenting their qualifications, please let us know

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Official website of the City of Everett, WashingtonEverett is home to more than 96,000 citizens on 25,000 acres of land and 9,600 acres of water. Everett's climate is relatively mild year-round, with seemingly endless outdoor recreational activities.  Everett, Washington is a center of economic development with an expanding high-technology industrial base, a deep-water port accessing the Pacific Ocean, an established, world-renowned manufacturing and retail core and a state-of-the-art naval station.

City of Mukilteo:  Mukilteo was incorporated in 1947. In 1991, an annexation almost doubled the Mukilteo's population from 6,900 to 13,000 and increased the Mukilteo's area to 6.25 square miles.

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